Update on Expansion Construction January 2024


 We’ve Got Walls, Folks


Our intrepid building team has powered through the first few months of winter to get our long-awaited building up and out of the ground. We poured footings in November and then foundation walls in December. Most of the site has been backfilled and there remains only small areas of mat slab left to pour. To avoid freezing as concrete cures, we’ve employed a

combination of insulating blankets and ground heat.


Most recently our builders have installed sub slab drainage piping and floor drain piping, all of which will be tied into the storm drains after they’ve been blessed by the plumbing inspector.The issues with water in the soil that delayed construction in the summer months has led to changes in the drainage plan. We expect the new building to be fully resilient to flooding and any other climate-related issues.


This next month will see steel supports rising from the foundation, after which roof trusses will be attached. You should be able to see all this as you drive by.


The extra costs related to the soil issues have proven somewhat less than first projected, which is good news. However, we require additional funding to finish out the building to the last piece of trim, so we’re working on that. We’re in a strong position to apply for capital funding through the Vermont Dept of Libraries, which is due to open for applications any time now. We’ll also be conducting a spring appeal to our equally intrepid donors, as we didn’t do an autumn appeal this year.


Stay tuned for more reports!


Jodi Lew-Smith, Chair

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