Winners of the Halloween Book Blurbs With Some of Their Reviews!

Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds, reviewed by Eliza Bunten:  Creepy Carrots is about a rabbit named Jasper and he loved carrots.  Especially the ones from Crackenhopper Field.  Until they started following him.  They haunted him anywhere he went.  What can he do about it?


Ling and Ting by Grace Lin, reviewed by Scarlett Podolin: Ling and Ting are identical twin sisters.  Everyone thinks they look the same.  They went and got their hair cut and Ling can stay very still but Ting cannot stay still.  Ting sneezes when the barber is cutting her bangs making them very crooked.  Now they do not look exactly the same and people can tell them apart.


The Case of the Missing Chalk Drawings by Richard Byrne, reviewed by Phoebe Bunten:  This book is about these chalks that draw pictures and when they go out to eat, they come back again and their drawing is erased!  Then the Blue chalk comes and figures out what is erasing.  And they they all make a plan.  And then all the chalks would be hiding in the rainbow.  And then the chalk was going through the rainbow and all the crayons popped out from their hiding spots.  And then the eraser said, "I'm just an eraser. I erase stuff so you can draw more."  And then they started being friends.  The end.

More Book Reviews Written by Jeudevine Patrons!

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson, reviewed by Lizzy Considine: Brown Girl Dreaming is a book about Jacqueline Woodson growing up in the 1960s and 70s as an African-American.  Jacqueline Woodson wrote this as a memoir in poetry.


The Falconer by Elizabeth May, reviewed by Sadie Skorstad:  This is one of the best books I thik I have read in awhile.  For fans of Sarah J. Maas, this books is for you.  It was stupendous in writing and completely hilarious and heart wrenching.  I LOVED it!  Aileana Kameron lives in a highborn rich society and has everything she could ever want:  wealth, charm, brains, a title, not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous.  But behind this perfect highborn lady, there is a bloodthirsty murderer waiting to be unleashed.  Aileana has the ability to see fairies who slaughter and feed off humans with sadistic obsession.  Ever since her mother was killed by one of these fairies, Aileana has been training to kill.  Now, she is dedicated to killing the fae before they take any more innocent lives.  What she doesn't realize is that she is the last of her line.  She is what is called a Falconer, a female warrior born with a gift for hunting and killing the fae.  When a seer's vision predicts powerful fairies escaping a prison that has held them for thousands of years, she must use all she has learned in the past year to stop them from massacring all of humanity.


Red Clover 2020-2021 Nominees: CLICK ON THE BALLOT to watch AUTHOR VIDEOS!

The author videos were made just for Vermont kids!  They are all wonderful to watch but especially recommended is the one for Fry Bread.  Check them out!  Want to vote? Contact Miss Diane!

We have storytime kits you can check out and bring home!  Each bag contains several books, directions for a craft or activity, and supplies!  Themes available right now include: Butterflies, Chickens, Library, Origami, and Relaxation.  More to come soon!  (And of course, while supplies last, you can also have some Jasper Hill cheese with your items.) Thanks to a generous grant from the Vermont Community Foundation.

Red Clover Book Award Winner 2019-2020:  POTATO PANTS!

Vermont Middle Grade Book Award Winner 2019-2020: Small Spaces!

Coronavirus:  A Book for Children free to look at from Candlewick Press (click picture)

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