Enjoy Free WiFi 24/7!

We offer free WiFi for all! To access, simply connect to the Jeudevine Library WiFi in your list. If it doesn't automatically pop up once connected, load up our home page (www.jeudevinememoriallibrary.org) in your web browser and accept the terms and conditions of our web authorization page. Some devices may need to be restarted within our WiFi's range before a connection can be established. Our signal reaches nearby parking spots and we provide a picnic table out back should you wish to access the internet when we are closed!

Interlibrary Loans

Are you looking to read a book that we don't have at our library? Get it through an interlibrary loan (ILL)! We can find many titles through the Vermont Department of Libraries and for the more hard-to-find titles we may be able to get it from out of state for you. Clicking here will bring you to the Vermont State Library catalog so you can browse what they have to offer.


In partnership with the Green Mountain Messenger (GMM) courier service we're able to get a wide range of library media from all over Vermont and offer this to you as a free service! Every Monday we receive and send out our ILLs with the GMM. For a full list of participating libraries and their schedules, click here!


If we can't find the book through a fellow courier library or you need to get it ASAP we can always get it via post for you! This is also a free service but we do have to pay postage at an average of $2.50/book. Donations are more than welcome to help cover this cost but are never required to use this service.

Copying, Faxing and Scanning

We're happy to provide copying, faxing and scanning services to all. We do not take credit cards. We will take checks. Our rates are as follows:


Printing from Library Computers: $0.10 per page


Faxing: $1.00 First Page (in state)

      $2.00 First Page (out-of-state)

      $0.25 for each additional page for both in and out-of-state.


Copying: $0.10 per page (black and white)

                $0.50 per page (color*)


Scanning: Free.


Laminating: $0.50 per page.


*Color copies must be requested at the circulation desk.

Computer Assistance

Are you new to the world of computers or would like a hand with brushing up on your current skills? We're here to help! Some of what we can help you with:

  • General help and instruction with using computers.
  • Downloading audio books and e-books.
  • Setting up an e-mail account.
  • Browsing the web safely.
  • Using our databases.
  • Using Chilton’s Repair Manuals.
  • Finding legitimate medical information.
  • Using Career Transitions to build a resume and search for jobs.
  • And more!

One-on-one help is available for any level of experience. Give us a call to set up an appointment!

Cellphone Charging Station

Forgot your charger? We're happy to offer free cellphone and tablet charging! We have one 6' Android MicroUSB and one 6' iOS Lightning Connector to get you powered back on. Let us know at the circulation desk and we will get you set up. Charging cables may not leave the vicinity of the circulation desk. 

Regarding Donations to our Book Sale and Collection

We are very grateful for all of the donations that we get for both our collection and our book sale but, as you know, space is quite an issue here. Because of this, we do have a small guideline to follow. 

When donating to us, please ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is this in good, readable condition (without mold, as it will spread to everything we have)?
  • Would I buy this myself in its current condition?
  • Should this be recycled instead?
If you answered "No" to the first two questions, please bring the books to the Additional Recyclables Collection Center. Their information is as follows:

540 North Main Street
Barre, VT 05641

Hours of collection:
MondayWednesdayFriday12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Every third Saturday9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

$1 per carload, no matter how much or little.

Phone Number:
802-476-1900 (during collection hours)


Additionally, if you have a large quantity of books that you would like to donate to us, we would greatly appreciate that they not be left on our steps and in front of our doors, as it blocks entry into (and out of) the building. This could be very dangerous, especially in the case of a fire. Please give us a call beforehand (472-5948) and/or come during our operating hours (found at the bottom of this newsletter).

Thank you very much for your continued support and understanding!

Library Hours:

  • Monday:         1:00  PM - 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday:        1:00  PM - 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday:  1:00  PM - 7:00 PM
  • Thursday:      1:00  PM - 5:00 PM
  • Friday:         10:00  AM - 5:00 PM
  • Saturday:     10:00  AM - 2:00 PM
  • Sunday:                 Closed

Phone: (802) 472-5948


Email: jeudevinelibrary@hardwickvt.org



Address: Jeudevine Memorial Library

                 93 North Main St.

                 P.O. Box 536

                 Hardwick, VT 05843