Hello Supporters of the Jeudevine Library! News as of Jan. 2022!


We have good and bad news to relate. As you have heard, the expansion project was upended by the pandemic and the inflated construction costs that ensued. When we went out to bid this past winter, the bids were 50% over the original budget. The good news is that we were recommended for an earmark appropriation by Senator Leahy’s office, for the $600,000 required to finish the project. Unfortunately, the Federal government has postponed the vote on the 2022 budget. Right now the Federal Government is working on a Continuing Resolution until Feb 18, 2022. One of our funders, the USDA Rural Development office, will not sign off until all the funds are in place. 


The library had worked hard to raise $1.54 million toward construction costs (separate from fees for engineering, design, and permits), but the construction bids ranged from $2.42 million to $2.59 million. The fact that all three bids were so close to one another indicates they are responsible bids reflecting the pandemic-induced inflation of costs—but they are all at least $800,000 over the original budget, which is a full 50% increase.  The low bidder was Breadloaf Construction LLC out of Middlebury.


The Trustees are working at raising more money. Our fall fundraising letter brought in $19,780 so far. Joyce Slayton Mitchell and her publisher, Green Writers Press, gave us the opportunity to purchase 100 copies of Joyce’s new memoir, Landmark Memories, A Vermont Village 1930s – 1950s, about growing up in Hardwick. We netted $894. Another fundraiser is at area businesses which have a coin can for people to drop their spare change. It runs until Feb 14th. After that we will be having a contest to see who comes closest to guessing how many pennies are in a carboy jug which was donated by Ross Connelly and his son, Sawyer. The jug contains pennies from when Ross and his late wife moved to Hardwick to take over the Hardwick Gazette.


Please continue to support our project! If anyone has any ideas on how to raise the rest of the needed funds, please contact us. Call 802-472-5948 or email: jeudevinelibrary@hardwickvt.org.


Thank you for your support!


Library Hours:

  • Monday:         1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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  • Sunday:                  Closed


Phone: (802) 472-5948


Email: jeudevinelibrary@hardwickvt.gov



Address: Jeudevine Memorial Library

                 93 North Main St.

                 P.O. Box 536

                 Hardwick, VT 05843