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Author Kathleen Kesson Tuesday, December 4, 6:30 - 8 PM

Unschooling in Paradise is the story of one family’s earnest, imperfect, and occasionally hilarious attempts to create a life based on voluntary simplicity, sustainable living, equal and compassionate relations, free thinking, exploratory learning, and cultural creativity. It offers a unique window into the amazing things that can happen when learning involves no lesson plans, no required subjects, no curriculum standards, no time outs, and no tests.  With warmth and humor, it challenges conventional wisdom about how best to educate children and points the way toward what we need to do to create learning spaces that are humane, just, joyful, relevant, and creative places where children want to be and parents want to send them. 


About the author

 Kathleen Kesson is Professor Emerita of Teaching, Learning and Leadership in the School of Education at LIU-Brooklyn.  She is the former Director of Teacher Education at Goddard College, and was Director of the John Dewey Project on Progressive Education at the University of Vermont.  Prior to her scholarly career, she was a professional dancer, actor, choreographer, teacher, and community activist. Her work appears in numerous academic journals and in the books Curriculum Wisdom: Educational Decisions in Democratic Societies and Understanding Democratic Curriculum Leadership (both with James Henderson) and Defending Public Schools: Teaching for a Democratic Society (with Wayne Ross).  She now lives full time in Barre, Vermont, where she is deeply involved in research on personalized learning in Vermont schools. Learn more about her at: 

World War I American Library Association Books-For-Soldiers Poster on Display

The American Library Association was instrumental in WWI and in WWII in getting books into the hands of soldiers. Former Library Trustee, Ted Graham, is loaning his copy of the poster to the Jeudevine Library for the month of November to celebrate Veterans Day. Ted says, “I found it folded up in a box below a table with some real trash at the Buggy Man antique store on Rt 15W in Johnson.   That was when I was on the Board.  We framed it and it is hangs in our mud room along with some other beloved drawings and pictures. I enjoy sitting and putting on my

boots and outdoor gear and seeing it.  Always amazed that the date is what I knew as Armistice Day growing up.  My father had been in WW I, The Great War to end all wars.”


The poster was made for the United War Work Campaign the week of Nov. 11, 1918. That was 100 years ago.


Find out more about books being provided to soldiers in our display with the poster this month.

Many thanks to Ted Graham for the loan of the poster which will take temporary roost on the mantel of the fireplace.



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